2 Explore and 2 Create

An example of my daughters self-expression:

A couple of weeks ago I had to reorganize some of my fabrics and lace, because the ants liked to build their nests in some of it. With reorganization you always find some stuff that you’re not sure of, so I left these on a small pile to be looked at later. Life goes on and I had kind of forgotten about the pile, but Ellen had not.

Ellen has the age that she is finding new things, trying new things, exploring and taking inspiration from experiences we provide. We go to art and craft events, we do our weekly crafts and somewhere along the way she must have picked up on this;

yarnbomb-todd-2 yarnbomb-todd-1 yarnbomb-todd-5 yarnbomb-todd-4 yarnbomb-todd-3 I call it yarnbombing by toddlers. It cheers up the fence enormously.


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