2ndHand Double Pram

inner-tube-craft2Since I am doing my training walks for the end of cancer walk during the week, we have invested in a secondhand double pram. It is a good invention. The other day though, after I had walked Ellen to daycare and I was enjoying my cup of coffee I heard an unusual sound. I thought something in the house had dropped. But the nextdoor neighbor came to check if we were okay, because she had heard a loud bang. It turned out that the pram had had a “klapband” – a burst tyre. My husband was quick to repair the tyre, after all my training schedule shouldn’t suffer and the burst tyre served for some unusual crafting material.

I looked on the net if there were any kid friendly crafts with inner bike tubes. Most of the crafts sites I found were for grown ups and were about jewellery. Ellen likes the occasional necklace so I thought we could make one too. First Ellen was allowed to cut rings from the inner tube. I can’t tell you how often I told her to be careful not to cut in her fingers. And I am happy to report she still has all ten of them. We looked at the result of the cutting excercise and wondred how we could make a necklace. A plastic needle, some leftover wooden beads and some cotton string gave the sollution.

inner-tube-craft1I made some holes in the inner tube rings, while Ellen designed her own necklace. Picking the beads and stringing them on the cotton. With the tube rings she needed some help, but the result is cute and more important Ellen is really happy with it.

If you would like to support my fundraising for the walk to end all women cancers please visit endcancer.org.au or my other blog minimonotypes.wordpress.com. Thank you for your interest and support.


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