Sun 2 Paper

This week I had to visit Reverse Garbage. I am taking part in their exhibition “Thread Count”photo-paper(1) and had to deliver the cushion covers that I made. Reverse Garbage is one of my favourite stores when it comes to craft material. You never know what you are going to find as they stock all kinds of “industrial leftovers” that change all the time. This time I saw 1 meter of photo paper for 50ct and figured that that would be a great and easy craft for Ellen. And since Queensland usually has un I didn’t have to worry about the

What I did forget is that I am dealing with a in the meantime 3-year old and her little already walking around and causing havoc 1-year old sister. And that the objects on the paper should lie still for as long as possible. But first I had Ellen walk around the garden to find leaves and other things we could lay on top of the paper. I tried as well as I could to explain, that we were going to make a picture with the help of the sun.

I realised in time that there wasn’t anything to keep the paper down with just the leaves, so I also gave Ellen some letters we found at Reverse Garbage. After we made a composition, Ellen carried the tray outside. The wind soon blew away one of the feathers and Ellen decided that she had to rearrange the leaves a couple of times. We did eventually get a bit of a print. I thought the result might stir the want for another attempt. So we did, but this time when we were outside Ellen decided even quicker she had enough and went to


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