Sunscreen On 2 Leaves

picture-frame1When you are like me always busy with arts and crafts, especially with my mono types project (see, the things you do for yourself get reflected in the projects for/by Ellen. Picking up leaves and feathers during my training walks has resulted in Ellen having to pick up leaves when we go for a walk to the supermarket or around the block. “I have to find leaves mama, for my work.” Well we better do something with all the treasures we find along the road. This time we turned them into a frame for her younger sisters first painting on a small canvas.picture-frame2

On one of my bargain trips we had scored some frames that still need to be decorated. All Ellen needed was her leaves and seed pods, glue and a brush and of she went. Simple but effective. I told her she could also put glue over the leaves and then stick something on top. The sticking on top part didn’t really strike a chord, but glue on the leaves was very important. My true Queensland daughter told me she was putting sunscreen on the leaves, lots and lots of sunscreen that is. And in this case that is not a bad thing at all, as it protects the leaves when I would need to clean the frame. Smart thinking little girl. picture-frame3


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