2 x 2 Proper Stitches

quilt-borduurkaart1In honour of the Liebster Award nomination that we received from Twisty Stitches, I thought it would be a good idea to get inspiration on her blog. LeAnn seems to be a keen quilter and that is where at first I got stunned. Quilting is not something I am very familiar with. Moreover it seems quite hard for a 3-year-old.quilt-borduurkaart2

One of the blogs I nominated Learning to embroider gave me an idea that I thought could work for Ellen. The blogger embroidered freehand on holiday postcards and they looked great. A postcard seemed a bit too small for Ellen. So I found an A4 picture of a simple quilt, but it could have been patchwork, sorry I am not quite sure, and stuck it on cardboard. Then I made holes using the quilt pattern as a guide. True I prefer for Ellen to have a hand in every step of the craft, this time though I did the prep.

Then I gave Ellen a plastic needle and colored cotton and let her stitch over the quilt. She managed 4 proper stitches, then she ditched the needle and decided to do some toddler , another technique I am not totally familiar with, but I have heard it is coming back….quilt-borduurkaart3


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