1 Of The 2 Must Be A Flying Fish

fishies1One of Ellen’s favourite shows at the moment is the Octonauts. Very round characters that explore the oceans and help sea creatures in need. It is very funny to watch her watch the programme as lately she really empathizes and finds certain parts scary. This reminds me of myself hiding behind the sofa when I thought something was too scary to watch.

The other day she found a Octonaut book in the library. Needless to say that it has to be read over and over again. Time to make a sea creature, a beautiful fish. We both made one so that Ellen could copy each step I made, since I didn’t prepare once again. Just instructions seemed to hard with the leftovers from our colds.fishies2

Paper plates and coloured paper were our friends. A bit of glue, a pen and scissors were the other ingredients. Ellen faithfully copied me,although every now and again she wanted to go faster and took her own initiative, only to find out she wanted to do it again, but the same way as me. (Can’t wait till the day she decides she knows better…)

The fishes turned out beautifully and are decorating the window in the living room. Ellen insisted the birds from last week had to accompany them. My husband explained it this way: One of the two must be a flying fish. fishies3


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