Put Glue On 2 Sides

papier-mache1It has been a lousy couple of days, with lots of rain and grey clouds. Not a real good time for walking. Luckily the Lifeline bookfest was on and we got to stock up on 2nd hand books. Also Reverse Garbage put out their next call for products. This time the theme is paper. It so happened that at the book fair I found a book about paper mache. All of this resulted in a paper mache experiment with Ellen.papier-mache2

First we had to come up with what to make. The book starts out with plates and bowls. We turned a cupcake tray up side down for little bowls and this way we could both work at one end. Then we took an old magazine of which I have plenty lying around and tore some pages into strips. The book talks about newspaper of course, but the mags work just as well I found. Oh and this time Ellen had no problems tearing up the paper pages. Lets hope she doesn’t get it in her head to find other things to rip and then ask her mam for sticky tape, one of her fascinations, to fix it.

After watering down some pva glue, Ellen could paint the strips of paper with glue on both sides, which by the way did not always happen. Then put them over the mold (cupcake tray, which we had emersed in petroleum jelly). Ellen had to be reminded that the pieces of paper shouldn’t be too big. That finally led to: “mama you do it.” But by then she had more or less finished.

papier-mache3Now came the hard part. Letting it dry over night. What are we going to do with them? We don’t know yet and are open to suggestions…


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