Never the same story 2ce

Tmilly-moo's-adventure1he rainy days and washing machine failure are the cause of a busy week. Now that the sun is out, the new machine is working fulltime. And somewhere I have to fit in the fundraising and training walks (see my other blog mini monotypes). In short Ellen and my crafting sessions seem to suffer, but there is always room for drawing and play dough.

We are lucky that my husband can bring home used printer paper. At work they are only allowed to use one side for certain things. The other side, still blanco, is perfect for toddler drawings. Ellen will produce at least 5 or 6 drawings a day. Not all of them great masterpieces, occasionally one ends up on the wall or will be sent to grandparents, but they mainly end up in the recycling.milly-moo's-adventure2

I do always ask what she has drawn. The answer is either an imaginary word or a story. Now I would like to encourage the stories….

As Ellen is singing Old McDonald and I am wrecking my brain about what to craft (I should let you know that Ellen has said she wants to make a cow) I manage to put all the different thoughts together. We are going to decorate a folder, that can hold a whole bunch of drawings. The decorations are going to be cow spots. The drawings are going to tell “the adventures of Milly Moo”, Ellen’s suggestion.

milly-moo's-adventure3Ellen colours in the cow spots, with permanent marker or a Sharpie, on the old folder that I have given her. She tells me that I have to make holes in the drawings that she made subsequently. I also find some other drawings and stick them all in the folder. Then we sit on the sofa and Ellen tells me the story of Milly Moo. The great thing is, we never hear the same story twice.


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