2 2gether For A Colourful Effect

There was a super moon at the beginning of the week. A beautiful round moon that apparently stood closer  to earth stars-and-moons1then at other times. Ellen loves a big round yellow cheese moon. While we were looking at the moon from her bedroom window I said: Shall we make a moon, this week?” This was out before I knew it and before I had an idea what we would do, but Ellen looked really happy.

On to the internet for inspiration. All there seemed to be were crescent shaped moon crafts. Ellen’s favourite is a full moon though. When we sat down at the kitchen table I was still pondering how to keep my promise. Ellen was not too worried and happily drawing. To give myself more time I started to make some stars. Ellen soon joined in. We took a square piece of coloured paper, folded it in half to make a rectangle, folded in half again to make a smaller square.Then we folded one point of the square over to the opposite point to make a triangle. Elle enjoyed the rhythm of the shapes, which also helped her remembering what to do. On the triangle I drew a line so Ellen knew what part to cut of. Opening up the folded piece of paper uncovered a perfect 4-point star shape.stars-and-moons2

Because Ellen was enjoying the process so much, we ended up making quite a few stars. We stuck 2 together for a colourful effect. I was still pondering the moon.

I found some styrofoam balls and thought I would let Ellen paint them with some poster paints. We could then make a mobile of stars and moons/planets for her bedroom. I wasn’t  sure if painting styrofoam would work and when I saw the amount of water Ellen was using I was very dubious of the result. But after they had dried outdoors in the sun, they looked really planet like.

stars-and-moons3With a stick that we found in the neighbourhood we could complete the mobile of stars and planets. I am still pondering the moon. Any ideas……?


8 thoughts on “2 2gether For A Colourful Effect

  1. I am very proud of my daughter in law and granddaughter for doing such beautiful things I could never do.
    Love Oma eva

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