Guitar Out Of 2 Paper Plates

guitar2There is al kinds of stuff lying around in my house as I do not have a designated craft area in the house. My space is in the shed. Crafting with the girls happens mainly in the kitchen. It will thus happen that I find one of my girls quietly playing with some random material. Ellen found a piece of elastic thread. She was holding one end in her mouth and the other in her left hand, while the right hand was puling the elastic making it tremble. Before I knew it I had promised her an other craft; “Shall we make a guitar?” I really should watch my mouth, think before I speak. Even though I had a fair idea of how to make one, I wasn’t sure if a three-year-old would be up to this task. Ellen wasn’t going to let me of the hook though, so I was going toguitar3 find out.

If I would have taken the time to prepare and would have allowed plenty of time to make the guitar, all would have been well. Instead I reserved a bit of time, while the youngest was napping and she decided to make it a shorter nap then normal. Ellen decided to listen and look at some of the instruction, not all, which caused mum to stress and in the end give up, because when I said it looks more like a banjo then a guitar, Ellen started to protest. “I don’t want a banjo, I want a guitar.”  I know I shouldn’t have said anything…..

Anyways with a bit of help Ellen finished her guitar made of 2 paper plates and a cardboard tube, stuck together with sticky tape as I couldn’t be bothered with glue after a while. And the strings were made of the elastic thread. She gave her guitar to me, while she decided that the one I made was hers.

guitar1When my husband came home I realised that what had been a tough crafting day for me, was still very much appreciated by Ellen, as she gave her dad a concert playing her guitar while singing a free interpretation of “the grand old Duke of York.”


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