A Puppet On 2 Fingers

finger-puppets1I have a new toy, that is what I call my craft tools. Ellen is fascinated of course, but she has to wait. I bought it for a design I made for Reverse Garbage upcoming Paper Cut exhibit. It turned out that what I wanted to do didn’t work so I now I could let Ellen have a go. I just needed to find something she could make where this “toy” could be helpful.

The idea came when we were sitting at the table eating our lunch and playing games. Ellen used her fingers to walk over the table. Looking at that made me remember puppets where the legs are two fingers stuck through holes at the bottom of the paper puppet. At this time it might be smart to tell you that my new toy was a circle punch.finger-puppets2

As a result I tried it out with Ellen watching my every move. With an ordinary pencil I traced around a cup, one big circle for the body, one small circle for the head. I drew on some details as eyes, a nose and a mouth. Cut out the puppet and made two holes at the bottom. Then I showed Ellen what the holes were for. Ellen immediately told me that she needed to make one too. I gave her all the tools and her felt tip pens. She gave it her best shot and did really well  I thought for her age, without help. The funny thing was, that even though I had given her her felt tip pens, she insisted on just using the boring grey pencil to decorate her puppet.

finger-puppets3Now we sit at the table with a puppet on two fingers each and make up stories about playing hide and seek and best friends visiting each other.


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