Diamonds In The Shape Of 2 Butterflies

crown1We have an addiction in this house. We are addicted to books and find it hard to resist a bargain book opportunity. I know we live in the digital age and ebooks are taking over, but we still enjoy flicking through pages and looking at pictures.

So it was no surprise that when Ellen came home from shopping with her father, she was carrying a book. “It was only $1.50, so I thought…..” was the remark made by my husband.

The book was about dressing up and how to make costumes from boxes and other objects. For the moment it is Ellen’s favourite. Time for an addition to the dress up box (which still has to be made). And as Ellen regularly refers to herself as princess we are making a crown. Not from the book though…

I had been playing with the idea of a crown for a while. You could simply make one out of card. With my little girls though that would mean we can play with it once and then it gets crushed. I was looking for something a bit stronger. The bottom of a plastic bottle reminded me of the velvet middle of some crowns and that is where we started. After I made a hole in the plastic Ellen cut of the bottom of the bottle. We were very lucky that the bottle we used had a marking that Ellen could follow.crown2

Next we took a piece of scrapbooking paper and Ellen drew on triangles, that she then cut out. This sounds very matter of fact, but it did take longer then expected. Ellen got very frustrated tracing the triangle. And when she started cutting them out, her cuts did not always meet in the point. She would then take it upon herself to pull out the triangle (she must have seen somebody do that), but that would not always work. There were some tears (scheuren) and some tears (tranen).

We glued a reasonably good piece of points to the bottle bottom. I attached a piece of elastic to the crown as the bottle is smaller than my daughters head. The finishing touch; some “diamonds” in the shape of two butterfly foam stickers.crown3


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