Mr. Nose Nose And His 2 Fairies

brush-puppets-1When you own your own house you regularly spend time at the DIY store. Ours is called Bunnings. The other day we were there with the whole family. Husband had some questions, but we had to wait our turn. Ellen got bored. Luckily we were standing close to some cleaning brushes. I picked one up, pretending it was a puppet. That was a hit and resulted in this puppet craft.

brush-puppets-2When I told Ellen we were going to make puppets, she insisted they should be fairy puppets. Before I could lay out all the stuff she was allowed to use, she had started to draw a face on a piece of paper and was trying to cut it out. After I got her younger sister settled with paper and pencils, I started on my puppet. Ellen watched and realised that there were easier ways to accomplish what she wanted. For example the eyes, I made them with the circle punch that I had recently bought. Ellen accepted that as an improvement, but the great thing was, she did use the smile she had drawn and cut out earlier.

First she made a puppet from a little duster, his name became Mr. Nose Nose. Then we made the fairy puppets out of some dishwashing brushes. She asked for a bit of help with the wings, but everything else is her creation. Meet Mr. Nose Nose and his 2 fairy puppets.brush-puppets-3


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