What Day Is It 2Day

flowery-day1“Mama what day is it today?”

“It is Monday, Ellen.”

“Ask me what day it is mama.”

“Ellen what day is it today?”

“It is flowery day!”

This conversation can be repeated for the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, several times a day. So husband decides to ask Ellen “What day is it tomorrow?” Ellen’s reply: “I want it to be flowery day.” Ellen is nuts about flowers at the moment and thus we made another flower while crafting.

Ellen actually was going to draw flowers, which she has become very good at. She’ll draw a sky at the top of the page, grasflowery-day2s at the bottom and then a single flower. But I started to fold the paper, first double and again double, then in a triangle and again a triangle. Then I cut a quarter circle at the top and voila a six petal flower emerges. When Ellen had seen that she of course had to try it too. Her sky was abandoned in favour of another piece of paper (thank you husband for an unlimited supply) and she started to fold. I took another paper as well and showed her what folds to make and then tried to explain what piece she had to cut of. It took her a couple of times to draw the line along which she had to cut, but she got there in the end. Then the difficult part, cutting through several layers of paper at the same time. She had a good go and then declared: “I am not strong enough.” She was half way there so I finished it for her.  Ellen was happy with the result. I told her she could colour it in. 

We then put a hole in the middle Mr Maker style, which somehow I have the feeling she thought was the coolest part of all, because she insisted that she would do all the flowers that I had cut as well, but colouring those in was not happening. And we finished of the flower with a pipe cleaner. A beautiful flower for a flowery day. flowery-day3



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