2 Holes In The Fold Line

boekbinden-101-1A while back I had made Ellen a “book”  from some old paper. Now Ellen asks ” Mama can you make another book for me please, I need to write.” Yes, Ellen is practising her letters with enthusiasm. Spelling the letters on packaging. Writing the letters she knows and then asking, what does it say mam. Faithfully I try to pronounce what she has written. Which I must say isn’t always easy.

So Ellen wants a new book and I think, what the heck lets make one together. Bookbinding 101. It is probably to hard for her, but I’ll give it a go.boekbinden-101-2

I give Ellen and myself four or five pieces of A4 paper plus one coloured one as the book cover. We fold the pieces in half. Then I tell her and show her to pierce each piece of paper with two holes in the fold line. I show her with the ruler where the holes should be and with a pencil we make little dots there. The first piece of paper goes as planned. The second piece of paper is pretty accurate and then the holes are placed where ever Ellen gets her plastic needle through. Oh well, I was asking a bit too much. So I put the holes in the right spot for all the pieces of paper.

Then I show her how to cut the right length of wool and string it through the holes and how to tie a knot. Ellen at first however doesn’t want to use her plastic needle to thread her wool through. But when I finally convince her it will be the only way it works, she has her thread through in no time. The knot follows with a little guidance. Now my little girl is filling the pages of her own book.boekbinden-101-3


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