2 Jam Jar Lids At The Same Time

flower-broachYeeeeeeh it is hard for me to get back on track, after the holidays. I am blaming the heat. Hopefully we are totally back now. The crafts have not stopped, but first something we made on holidays.

On holidays craft materials are always more limited than at home, but if you bring some basics you can still have a great time on a rainy day. I must say I did splash out by buying some paint as I also found some really cute stencils for 1 Euro. With some cheap sponges and paper plates we could paint to our hearts content.

The paint also came in handy on the following project we did. I have wanted to make brooches out of jam jar lids ever since I started this blog. But since my husband and I aren’t big jam eaters, I never had the chance. The grandparents though love all sorts of jam and thus we happened to have 2 jam jar lids at the same time; 1 for Ellen and 1 for me. At the same art store trip I had bought coloured paper too, so we could start.flower-broach-2

As Ellen had taken every opportunity she got to pick flowers, I thought it a good idea to make a flower brooch. We started by picking to coloured sheets 1 for the background and 1 for the actual flower. We drew a circle on the background colour with the jam jar lid as a guide and then the trouble started. I had just brought my big scissors, that I was not going to share with Ellen. I showed her how you could tear the paper carefully along the drawn line. The first bit she would concentrate and be fine, but then she would get stuck tear to fast and the circle would end up in half. To her credit she had more than one go at it, each time drawing the whole circle but only tearing half, that in the end I helped her by tearing the second half.

For the flower we folded the second piece 3 times. 2 times in half and then make a triangle. Then draw on the pattern and tear again. The first tearing experience was so traumatic that Ellen at first refused, but with a little help and encouragement we got there in the end. With the glue stick we stuck the 2 parts on the jam jar lid. To finish of the flower we gave it a heart of yellow with the paint and a plastic bottle lid.

Now for the brooch part. From a thicker piece of carton I cut a circle that would fit snuggly inside the lid. If you put the lid on the outside of your clothes and push in the piece of carton on the back, your brooch isn’t going anywhere and the little ones don’t have to worry about their fingers or their clothes. I have always liked that.flower-broach-3


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