We Do Like 2 Dress Up

Mel-Cup-Hat-1The first Tuesday in November, Melbourne Cup Day, a big event on he Australian Calendar. Outfits are being picked and lunches organized. Most companies even stop their work around 2pm (QLD-time) when the big race is on.

If my neighbour wouldn’t have reminded me about it, I would have completely missed it this year. And I must say I don’t really get the celebration of betting on the horses. But what I do like is the dress ups and especially the hats.Mel-Cup-Hat-2

So while the horses were running their hearts out Ellen and I made a hat for the occasion. A tomato punnet made the bowl and a circle cut out of cardboard served as the rim. I helped Ellen with that part, but then she could decorate it all to her own design, using techniques we have done with other crafts, like punches, flower cutting and drawing butterflies. A bit of elastic makes sure that the hat isn’t ging anywhere. And even though I heard big rim hats are out this season, I think she would have fitted in perfectly at the races in Melbourne, don’t you?Mel-Cup-Hat-3


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