2 Light Up Australia Day

aussie-lanternEllen loved the lights we had with x-m as. With New Years we used glow sticks to decorate the dinner table. Ellen again was mesmerized. So with Australia Day coming up I was looking for another way to incorporate lights. We made these tea light surrounds. Since we have the battery operated tea lights, we can safely use them.

Tea light surround for Australia Day dinner table

  • Clear sticky back paper
  • Tissue paper in red, white, blue
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Battery operated tea lightaussie-lantern2

Tear strips of the different colors of tissue paper. Try not to make them too wide. This job was not only done by Ellen but also very expertly by the youngest, not even 2 years old. I cut pieces of clear sticky back paper of approx 15 cm high and 40 cm wide, but this can be adjusted to taste. Take of the backing of the plastic, but leave 2 cm covered and put it sticky side up on the table in front of you. Secure with some stick tape. Now cover the surface with the pieces of tissue paper. Once covered, take another piece of sticky back paper of approx 15 cm high and 38 cm wide and cover the tissue paper. The tissue paper is now sandwiched between two pieces of sticky back paper. Now take of the last 2 cm of backing paper and make a cylinder shape. Put a tea light in the middle and enjoy. I know Ellen can’t wait, she asks everyday if it is Australia Day yet. She will have to wait until the 26th January.aussie-lantern4

P.S. Americans and Dutchies feel free to borrow for your national holidays….


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