Cutlery 2 Paint

aussie-cutleryAustralia day is a true family holiday. It is spend on the beach or in a park. Favorite pastimes are bbq’s and picnics.  To differentiate our Australia Day picnic from other picnic’s I am letting Ellen paint our cutlery. I have, instead of plastic forks spoons and knives, bought wooden ones. They are becoming more and more popular. I still have some red, white and blue paints and in blue there is also some glitter paint. Who doesn’t like a couple of glitters, it makes things festive. Ellen is enjoying herself. After a while she is telling me that the fork is a princess and the knife a prince. I don’t see it, but she is imagining all kinds of stories.aussie-cutlery1

Australia Day cutlery

  • Wooden cutlery
  • Acrylic paint, red, white, blue, glitter paint
  • Brushes
  • Paper plate

Hand out the pieces you want to paint. Put the different acrylic paints on a paper plate. Explain which part of the cutlery should be painted i.e. the handle. Paint one side in a pattern of your choice. Let them dry. Turn the cutlery around and paint the other side of the handle. Happy eating!aussie-cutlery2


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