More Things 2 Make for Australia Day

I had an ambitious plan; 10 Australia Day crafts before 26 January. And now I found that this weekend it is Australia Day already. So I failed to share all the ideas I had with you, but I will share some more things we made the past couple of weeks,

aussie-stars1These Australian stars could be an alternative on the wands we made earlier. Or just decorate the space where you are celebrating.They are so easy to make, even my not 2-year-old had a blast putting the stars and the paint in the salad spinner and spinning it.

The emblem of Australia carries a kangarooEmu-and-Kangaroo2 and an emu. I thought it appropriate to include them in our Australia Day crafts. We made a cute Emu mask and Kangaroo mask. I gave the girls yellow/gold and green materials to decorate. Just yellow was used….. the girls didn’t like the green.

Waratah3There is another national symbol, the national flower; a Waratah. This was a hard one, it is a beautiful flower. Ellen named the flower we made the beautiful pink flower as she didn’t dare to pronounce or believe it was named a Waratah.

Or you can always look at a craft Ellen and I did last year; making flip flops. Every Australian owns a pair.

Happy crafting Australia Day


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