Thumb Cup 2 Tea Cup

thumb-cup-tea-cup-1I read quite a few blogs of other creative moms and I am always jealous of them saying “this was hours of fun” or “I offered this to make, always a sure hit with my kids”

Now Ellen Always wants to make, I am really blessed with that. But she definitely has her own mind about what needs to be created. Which in the end I am happy about. It does mean that not all my ideas get met with enthusiasm. It also means that I am sometimes lost, trying this and offering that.thumb-cup-tea-cup-2

Luckily we found something again this week that sparked real enthusiasm; We made a thumb pot out of air drying clay. And with a handle on the side it makes a lovely tea-cup, fitting in with our garden tea party.

It is actually really simple. You make a ball from some air drying clay, stick in your thumb and go around and a round, giving little squeezes, so your hole gets bigger. Once your happy with the size of your cup, you take a bit more clay and roll this into a squiggly worm. attach the worm to the side of the cup as an ear.

thumb-cup-tea-cup-3If I would have had more air drying clay Ellen would have made a whole tea set, but there you go, mum didn’t realize that this would be a success. Now we have to wait until they are dry so we can paint them. And waiting is not Always easy…..


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