Stick 2 the Middle

bday-badge1What is a birthday all about. You are getting a year older. Ellen will tell everybody she is 3 and that she will be 4. Then she will talk about how old her friends are, the fact that her little sister is younger and how she used to be that old. Isn’t it wonderful how age to them is still important in a positive way.

Yes we will be celebrating the big 4 soon. To let everybody know we made a badge. We have made a similar badge before, with a flower on a jam jar lid. This time though we used several colours for the petals of the flower.bday-badge2 This meant that Ellen had to cut several love hearts and that made her happy. We first made a template. We folded a piece of paper in half and drew half a heart and cut it out. I used it to see if she could actually do it. Advantage here was that on the coloured paper Ellen could fold it and fold the template around it. This prevented the shape to move.

Stick the love heart petals with their point in the middle of the jar lid. Make a flower heart and write the number in there. I did learn from my letter adventure, so I pre-drew a 4 with pencil that Ellen could trace with a pen. A piece of cardboard that just fits within the back of your lid to attach the badge to your clothes and we were done. Now a badge for my 2-year-old….bday-badge3


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