Bag 2 Sew

bag-sewing1My little ladies are becoming real ladies. With their hats for their garden party and Always wanting to wear “twirls” i.e. dress or skirt. This of course has to be accompanied by a suitable bag. Which toddler doesn’t like a bag. Something to put something in and then out again.

It also gave me the opportunity to test Ellen’s embroidery/sewing skills again. I had seen on internet a mum who had put anti slip material in an embroidery ring for her child to practice. I had some left over in a bright orange that I thought could look good. The material has nice big holes to put a plasticbag-sewing2 needle through. The other colours on the bag should also be bright. I found some leftover pink cotton for sewing, some purple and red flowers from one of those Hawaiian necklaces for decoration and a colourful pink and red pipe cleaner left over from the butterfly birthday treats for a handle.

It took some guidance and persistence, but Ellen did manage to close both side reasonably neat. We only had to undo some random stitches once. The flap over the bag got cut into a triangle shape. With the help of a split pin we attached some flowers as decoration. Last but not least we twisted a pipe cleaner on as a handle.

I know little girls should experience the fun and freedom of embroidery/sewing, like the project I saw on Tinkerlab, but we do lots of free art as well. Ellen was so proud of her bag and kept on telling us about her “first sewing experience.”bag-sewing3

P.S. don’t forget to check out my bags on renate and the ant house.


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