2 Times Making

jacks-in-the-box1All I was trying to accomplish this week was to repeat some folding techniques to make a simple box. Boxes have become important to Ellen as she had make-a-doo for her birthday. Make-a-doo is a re-usable system to connect all kinds of packaging material into anything you can put your mind to.

We started of with a coloured origami square and folded it in sixteen little squares. We drew a line on the fold of one square and 3 squares in at the top and bottom. Then we stuck the origami square onto a piece of cardboard to make the box sturdy and cut in the lines. With a pen we scored the folding lines and glued the box together. For decoration we used some washi-tape and Ellen stuck on some foam stickers.jacks-in-the-box2

Later Ellen wanted to make something else. At first I drew a blank, but then thought puppets are Always a hit. Ellen could make the arms and legs from what we call “mouse ladders”, but I have seen them called “witches ladder” or “jacobs ladder”. It basically is two strips of paper that you fold over each other. It gives a bouncy effect, hence Ellen calling them “bouncies”. She then told me she did not want to make a puppet. So I started to name some other things you can make. When I mentioned a jack-in-the-box, she got really excited. “We can use my red box.” she got her red box stuck all four bouncies in and drew the faces on; jacks-in-the-box.jacks-in-the-box3


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