2 Bird’s-nest Baskets

My youngest is about the same age now as Ellen was, when I started this blog. High time to revisit one of birdsnest-basket-1my first blogs. I have Always loved the little bird’s-nest basket I made with Ellen and with Easter coming up I thought this would be the right one.

At the time I was very ambitious and did two crafts on the same day. This time I left the painting of the eggs and concentrated on the bird’s-nest baskets. After all I had 2 girls to look after.

Ellen though is 2 years older and wiser (?) so I let her feed some sheets of paper through the shredder, which caused great delight. A lot of old drawings were found, that were all of a sudden less birdsnest-basket-2precious to Ellen.

We also made the glue together this time. Putting the flour and water in a bowl and mixing it. Now the messy part could start. A bit of glue and then shredded paper, more glue and pile it on. It is very simple a 2-year-old can do it, just make sure you also put plenty on the sides. As I was mainly supervising the youngest, Ellen was on her own. Even though I was instructing her to make sure the sides were also done. I had to do some mending with real glue after the bird’s-nest baskets had dried in the sun.

birdsnest-basket-3Some what closer to Easter we will paint some eggs to fill the baskets and use them as our center piece on the Easter table.


3 thoughts on “2 Bird’s-nest Baskets

  1. What a cute craft! I will be making these with my son for Easter. Thank you for sharing how to do this activity. I commend you in having the patience to juggle both little ones with one messy craft. It’s not easy! I’m working on my calm mantra to do the same. I’m a perfectionist to a fault on crafts sometimes, and it’s letting go and letting them make a mess and have fun that I’m working on every time. You are inspiring me 🙂

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