We Are Going 2 An Egg Hunt

egg-hunting-basket-1I know Easter still is a month away, but as school holidays are before Easter, Ellen is already coming home with painted eggs, sets of rabbit ears. Soon her first Easter hat parade will commence. All she needs now is a basket to collect her eggs with.

Last year I made the egg collecting baskets for the 2 little girls. This year I was hoping Ellen could make a similar one herself.

The idea is fairly simple. Cut the bottom and handle in one out of a plastic milk jug. Decorate the top and handle with snippets of paper. Cut a flower out of pretty paper and use a split pen to fasten the flower and the handle to the other side of the basket.egg-hunting-basket-2

Now I might have wanted a bit too much of Ellen after a day of Kindy, but she was really keen to make. She however was not very keen to listen. Granted she did a really good job at cutting out the shape I had drawn on the milk jug, but when it came to decorating all she did was play with the new glue stick.. I thought it might help if I did mine and showed how pretty it could be, but no the new glue stick was more interesting. I decided it was time  to abandon the project and do something else. We don’t always have to have a result.

egg-hunting-basket-3A few days later while doing something else Ellen did cut a flower, that I attached to her basket. Ellen can’t wait to go egg hunting with her own basket.


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