Help Our Windmill 2 Go

I am frustrated, so it is out. This weeks craft with Ellen was making an orange windmill as at the end of this month it is Kings Day in the Netherlands and will try to install some Dutch icons into my Australia loving daughter.

molentje-1My frustration does not exist out of frustration for Ellen and how she behaved during craft time. She was happy. She did start to cut randomly into the piece of orange paper and threw a tantrum about the fact that things weren’t going the way she wanted them to go. I could deal with that and her sister having to have a diaper change at the same time.

My frustration was with the craft itself. The paper windmills look easy and very cute. Making the square out of a rectangular piece of paper, something we had to do first, was a breeze for Ellen, with a bit of help from me. Folding the square into triangles for helping lines and finding the middle, all good. Measuring from the middle point 2 cm outward, still working a charm when assisted a bit. Cutting until the 2 cm dot placed as a reminder, she does very professionally. But the disaster struck.molentje-2

Our glue was not strong enough to keep the points stuck in the middle without folding the paper. So in the end we had to give in and fold. Ellen didn’t mind, she still likes the look, but there was a little thunder-cloud developing above my head. Then I could not find a way to stick the windmill to something that I had around the house that A. a 4-year-old could handle and B. that makes the mill go round without much effort. I hear you say “preparation”, I know, but there is more I like to do and it looked so easy on other sites. You guessed tips to make our windmill go are very welcome!


2 thoughts on “Help Our Windmill 2 Go

  1. Hi there! Could you possibly try to use a split pin to hold down all of the corners where they meet in the centre? As for the stick to attach it to, how about a drinking straw? The split pin (if long enough) could go through that too, and then it would have the freedom to spin around. Lovely idea, must try this with mine.

    • Thank you preschoolmummy for thinking with me. Have tried a splitpen, have tried a straw, but haven’t tried them together. Have fun making windmills. I will post a photo of the result if it works.

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