A 2lip Wand For A Tulip Fairy

A while ago on Facebook it was stated that Dutch people outside of the Netherlands missed pickled herring the most. I don’t know who they asked, but it wasn’t me. Don’t get me wrong I do eat the delicacy, but it is not what I tulpen-uit-Brisbane-1miss most from my home country. It did  get me thinking about what it was I missed most. I think I know what it is…

I miss being able to buy 50 tulips for 5 Euro or 10 at the most. And then enjoying them for at least 7 days if not more. Unfortunately with the climate in Brisbane that isn’t given to us, so we enjoy other flowers… outside… in gardens.

Luckily we can make tulips and since flowers belong to birthdays especially Kings birthdays we made a bunch. This typically associated with the Netherlands flower can’t miss in our Kings Day series, but they are of course also very suitable for Easter (oops a little late) and Mothers Day.

What did we do? We found some lovely origami paper at a new store Daiso (everything $2.80). The other tulpen-uit-Brisbane-2ingredients; glue, scissors and for the stems some balloon sticks, but you could also use straws. Take an origami square and fold it in half. Fold it open and bring both sides up half way and fold it again. Open it up and turn the paper a quart and repeat the folds so that you have 16 little squares. With you scissors cut in one square, half way each side. My clever little Ellen decided she needed some help and drew a line with a pen on the lines she had to cut in. Then you put glue on one of the square next to the cut and stick the square on the other side of the cut against it. Do this on all 4 sides and you have a tulip head.

I forgot one ingredient; sticky tape. Use sticky tape to stick the balloon stick to the tulip head. We tried ordinary 14-tulpen-uit-Brisbane-3glue, but that did not work at all. Now enjoy the tulips. They might be a bit more expensive but they will last a long time, unless they get used by your tulip fairy as a tulip wand.


2 thoughts on “A 2lip Wand For A Tulip Fairy

  1. I love these! So spring-y and creative. Like little cupcakes. Btw your daughter pictured in pink is so pretty and sweet ❤️. I used to live in Belgium as a child, and I miss our weekend trips to the Netherlands to walk in the tulip fields and eat frites. I understand your longing for the flowers and for home. Tulips have always been my favorite flower 🙂 OH, and we made your little bird nest craft for Easter! Thanks!

    • Thanks Alisa, I am happy they gave you a spring-y feeling as well although we are having autumn now. The weather still gives us the warmth of spring.
      Hope you enjoyed making the basket.

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