2 Collate Your Own Story

bday-party-collage1The Netherlands have celebrated Kings Day, while we have to wait until 3 May. To keep in the spirit Ellen and I made a collage with the theme a princesses birthday. The Dutch king after all has 3 little girls.

I had just cleaned out my workshop and found a whole pile of magazines that we could cut up. After I had explained that we can only do that with magazines mama wants to throw away we could start.bday-party-collage2

Ellen was still a bit apprehensive and decided to draw her princess. It turned out to be a baby princess. Meanwhile I started to compile a person from parts I found in the magazines. Ellen’s baby princess is lying in a bed, still a white piece of paper, with flowers drawn on. Then she came over to see what I was doing. I showed her the beautiful pictures in the magazines and how pictures from different pages could be put together to make their own story. Slowly she got the idea and started to compile a story for her baby princess;

The baby princess that loves butterflies and kittens. Her name is Cupcake and she has a unicorn for a cuddly toy. Above her bed a light, a picture of a horse and a magic mirror. “Mirror, mirror on the wall…….” Because it is Cupcakes birthday there is a present on the table…

bday-party-collage3I hope our kings princesses will be as lucky as Cupcake on their birthdays.


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