2 Pterodactyls On A Cliff

I have been trying to work following themes this year to make writing the blog a bit easier. May’s planned theme is pterodactyl-1“up in the air” and accidentally we started of with the following craft that fitted perfectly. It wasn’t on my ideas list and would have never occurred to me if it wasn’t for Ellen.

Ellen has learnt a new song at Kindy. They learnt the song, because they have dinosaur bones on loan from the museum. With one hand up, resting on the other arm Ellen sings…

“5 Pterodactyls on a cliff
waiting for their mom to bring some fish
one flapped its wings and flew from the nest
now there are only 4 pterodactyls left”

I asked Ellen what the pterodactyl looked like and together we found a picture on the internet. Then I told her we could try and make one. I had seen a picture with an idea and we set out to see if we could re-produce it as there waspterodactyl-2 no description.

I first drew a template of the pterodactyls body or at least what I thought it looked like. Meanwhile Ellen coloured a wooden clothes peg that would serve as a head. I gave the template to Ellen and she traced it on cardboard from an old cereal box. She complained that it was too hard to cut. So I showed her that since we didn’t need the rest of the cardboard we could come in with the scissors from different angles. She coloured the wings with the same colours as the head. Then we used a bit of sticky tape to stick the clothes peg on the little tab. To make the pterodactyl fly we attached some elastic thread to the body and the head.

pterodactyl-3Ellen is so excited about her pterodactyl, she is going to bring it to show and tell at Kindy.


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