Kite 2 Build

Ellen likes making presents for others. Regularly at Kindy she will show me what she made and who it is for. The last time it was a friends mum, kite-making-1she got a “kite” from her. Ellen was thrilled about it and the next day there was another “kite” for somebody else.

Kites seemed to be the flavor of the week, so we set out to make one at home as they go up in the air. We did some research by watching Mary Poppins “Lets go fly a kite”. We looked at the shape, we found out that a kite has a tail with bows and we sang along. Now we could start our project.

We folded an ordinairy piece of A4 paper in half and drew two lines from each corner to 2/3 kite-making-2down the page. Then we cut the lines and presto a kite shape appeared, that we decorated with pens, pencils and crayons. Ellen enjoyed this process so much she made several.

With sticky tape we attached a cross of bamboo skewers and a cotton thread tail. The trail needed some bows we made from some small origami squares. At this point we had to take a break as Ellen lost her patience with her mother, or was it the other way around?

When we resumed the bows were done in no time, she even remembered the instructions I had given her before. One more piece of cotton thread attached to the bamboo cross in the middle and of she went, running through the garden. Lucky for me the kite did come of the ground. kite-making-3


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