Butterfly 2 Flap Its Wings

We have been up in the pre-historic air. We have been up in the man-made air. But we haven’t yet tackled Ellen’s favourite; nature. Ellen loves vlinders-1butterflies. She has been drawing them since she was 2 and they still appear frequently.

But somehow I found myself with a lack of time so it had to be a quick project. Luckily we had some good craft stuff left over from our Kings Day month. So, we took a bright orange piece of A4 paper and folded it in half to A5. Then I asked Ellen to draw half a butterfly, as big as she could. She did a vlinders-2good job, but we had to adjust it a bit as we didn’t need a body. The body was going to be made by a giant chenille stick. But first we had to cut out our butterfly and decorate it with pens, pencils and crayons. Ellen took a modern approach with swirled shells and swings on the wings.

We then folded the chenille stick in half, put the wings in between and twisted them at the top creating the butterfly’s head and antennae. If you hold it by the body you can really make the wings fly.vlinders-3


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