Sketchbooking: 3 circles, 3 materials

I want Ellen to get curious about the different materials and what effect they give. I drew her three circles, one for felt-tip-pens, one for crayons and one for pencils. Three times a similar picture in these circles. Ellen first drew all kinds, but after she saw me drawing a cat in all circles she got the idea. Her circles contain a picnic with her mum and dad. Her little sister, after asking, turned out to be sick. I am well aware that this assignment was too hard for the youngest, she gave it her best shot though.








4 thoughts on “Sketchbooking: 3 circles, 3 materials

  1. It’s wonderful that you encourage even a more difficult project for your girls! They did great and I love your tabby cats ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It is wonderful, just as long as mum is willing to keep her expectations low and doesn’t micro manage;-). They do really great if you just let them be.
      It is also wonderful because I keep on training my personal drawing skills as I have always been more of a maker than a sketcher…

      • Haha yes! I tie an imaginary string around my hands behind my back! Sometimes it’s our job to show them the way. Other times it’s out job to let them explore on their own ๐Ÿ™‚ You are wonderful at that! I can see it in all your projects.

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