Sketchbooking: 3 circles, 3 materials

I want Ellen to get curious about the different materials and what effect they give. I drew her three circles, one for felt-tip-pens, one for crayons and one for pencils. Three times a similar picture in these circles. Ellen first drew all kinds, but after she saw me drawing a cat in all circles she got the idea. Her circles contain a picnic with her mum and dad. Her little sister, after asking, turned out to be sick. I am well aware that this assignment was too hard for the youngest, she gave it her best shot though.








4 thoughts on “Sketchbooking: 3 circles, 3 materials

    • It is wonderful, just as long as mum is willing to keep her expectations low and doesn’t micro manage;-). They do really great if you just let them be.
      It is also wonderful because I keep on training my personal drawing skills as I have always been more of a maker than a sketcher…

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