How 2 Continue

I am at a crossroads. I have been wondering what I would like to achieve, if anything, with this blog. Do my readers enjoy my stories or do they need other content, like instruction/ how to’s. I do not want to be just another mummy craft blog though, but I want to keep on crafting with Ellen. I know I don’t need to write about all crafts I do with Ellen, because I don’t. We do a lot more then just crafting once a week. Ellen is also going to school where she also gets the opportunity to craft, so perhaps we need more direction, a specialty?

Her younger sister is starting to join us as well. I love the sketchbook project we have started with the 3 of us. It teaches me a lot about drawing, techniques and pattern and it is a lot of fun seeing what the girls are doing.

paper-weaving-1And then of course there is Renate and the Ant House, the business I have started to teach techniques and sell my handmade goods. My handmade products all revolve around textile, fabric, printing, patterns, made from recycled, upcycled goods. Things found in 2nd hand shops, tip shops and Reverse Garbage are turned into beautiful, new, useful objects.

I want to teach Ellen and her sister about this. I want her to know where her pretty dresses come from, how they are made. How is fabric made? How is it decorated? How…..  you can fill it in. But is that a good subject to blog about, are there enough angles, things to make or research? Please let me know what you think.

Here is a little appetizer of what I think could be one of these blogs.paper-weaving-2

I have wanted to paper weave with Ellen for a while. Actually have tried it before and failed, bit we had a moment and I offered it to her again by doing it myself. I gave her, her scissors, 2 pieces of paper and of she went, copying what I had done. Babbling all along and asking what weaving was and why we did it. I asked her to bring me her favourite dress and to look at it closely. I explained to her that the fabric of the dress was made in the same way as she was weaving the paper, over and under, just with a thin thread. It seemed to fascinate her. But you know how 4-year-olds are, they see or hear something else and of they go.

paper-weaving-3Her paper weaving with all raggety edges looked a lot more exciting than mine though…


3 thoughts on “How 2 Continue

  1. I think your crafts are so much fun and often wish you posted ‘how to’ so I can do them with my sons. I can kind of figure them out, but an instructional would be really great. Also, you could blog your mommy time as one category and your kids crafts as another category. I’m such a fan and wish you luck with whatever direction you go with 🙂

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