Just 2 Bean Bags Did Not Seem Enough

First of all I want to thank everybody for their nice and encouraging responses to my questions in how 2 continue. It gave me some food for thought and I am working on a plan to tie it all together. In the mean me and my girls will continue crafting and creating our little hearts out, because we enjoy it.

colouring-in-textile1There have been some changes in our household as well. The girls have moved in together. To spruce up their bedroom we have introduced some bean bags, so they have a place to sit and read. Just 2 bean bags did not seem enough though. Lots of cushions and pillows need to be introduced to create their very own story corner. On at least one of the cushions Ellen was allowed to express her creativity.

At Ikea they now have colouring in fabric. Bold black and white images to colouring-in-textile2colour in. We still had fabric markers from other projects, so when I saw a strip in the as is section I thought that would make a great little easy project. It did. Ellen had fun making the images colourful. I personally love her radishes. I had fun putting the cushion cover together with some glittery fabric, which in turn made my little girl happy.

Cushion cover how 2

  • the coloured in piece of fabric
  • complementary piece of fabric big enough for back and to add to front
  • ribbon
  • thread
  • cushion filler square

colouring-in-textile3Measure your coloured in piece of fabric. Mine was 26 x 38 cm. Then cut a piece of fabric from the complementary material to make the total square. For me that was 14 x 38 cm (12 + 26 is 38 + 2 cm for seem allowance either side). Sew the pieces together and add a ribbon for decoration over the stitching

For the back cut 2 pieces of 30 x 38 cm. Put a seem in one of the long sides of both pieces.

Now put down the front right side up. Put one back piece on the front right side facing down with the seemed edge in the middle. Put the other back piece on face down so that the whole front is covered and with the seemed sides overlapping each other. Pin together and sew around the outer edge of the square. Cut of the tips of the corners and turn inside out. Stuff with a pillow filler, preferably one that is slightly bigger than your cover so it is well filled. Your cushion is ready to use.  colouring-in-textile4


2 thoughts on “Just 2 Bean Bags Did Not Seem Enough

  1. Bernd wird mich sicher bald fragen: Hast Du das fuer uns auch gemacht?? Hast Du eine gute Antwort fuer mich?? Love Oma Eva​

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