Sketchbooking: Wet chalk drawing

140704-Sketchbooking-chd1We found 99ct chalk at Ikea the same time we bought the fabric in the last post. I thought this would be a good medium to try for our sketchbooking as my girls love to draw outside on our concrete slab. Looking for some inspiration on the net I found that you could stick the chalk sticks in water before drawing. As we now had plenty I thought we give it a go. Take a glass fill it with so much water that your chalk sticks are 2/3 in and let it stand for a couple of minutes. Put the sticks on a plate to keep other surfaces clean. I can highly recommend it. The chalk became nice and soft to draw with. my 2-year-old loved it, even though it broke easily.








2 thoughts on “Sketchbooking: Wet chalk drawing

  1. Ooh cute! I bet this would be so fun to do with my son, Cailean today. He loves to chalk on the pavement, so maybe we’ll try wet chalk.

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