Graduating 2 Ribbon Weaving

ribbon-weaving1At the end of June we had to tidy up our community art work at Ellen’s Kindergarten. We had fun with the art work and a reasonable response from the community. We took down all the drawings and the ribbons and brought them home. Ellen loves ribbons and they ended up all over the place. After collecting some of them it was time for Ellen to graduate from paper weaving on to ribbon weaving.ribbon-weaving2

I made her a loom of a box that had printer paper in it and some thread. I stuck the thread to the bottom of the box with some sticky tape and wound it around the box 7 times. Then stuck the other end also to the bottom of the box. Easiest loom ever and Ellen would have enough room to manoeuvre her ribbons. I gave her the loom and did not have to give her any instructions, of she went. All I had to tell her was to trim the ribbons a bit.

ribbon-weaving3Little sister then asked for her loom. I had not counted on that, but found another box and made another loom. As Ellen is not always the sharing kind, especially when she is concentrating on a special project, I gave little sister paper strips. I showed her how the strip should go up and down through the threads. Not expecting anything I was pleasantly surprised that she gave it a red hot go. She even managed to get 2 strips in in a way that looked pretty good. They grow up so quickly…. ribbon-weaving4


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