How 2 Create a Simple Lantern: #1

lantern-#1-3Next Friday some Kindies in the neighbourhood organize a lantern parade. The parade is based on a German tradition held in November, but to have a similar feel in Australia they choose to celebrate it in our winter. Ellen and some of her friends have decided to participate and to help everybody to get some ideas for their lantern we are in lantern making mode. The first lantern we have made must be one of the simplest ever…

You need:

  • Chinese takeaway box
  • Thick needle
  • Cork
  • Sponges
  • Rubber band
  • Balloon stick

Push the back part of the thick needle into a cork to create a prick pen. Fill the chinese takeaway box with sponges. Now prick a desired design intolantern-#1-1 the takeaway box. We used a red takeaway box with white dots and just put holes in all the white dots. Once all holes have been made on both sides of the container take the sponges out. Attach the stick with a rubber band to the handle of the takeaway box. Put a battery candle inside the box and enjoy lantern-#1-2the pretty lights.

For another chinese inspired lantern have a look at About Family Crafts


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