How 2 Create a Simple Lantern: #2

lantern-#2-1We are in lantern mode for the Graceville-Chelmer Lantern festival. Some of Ellen’s friends are going to come as well and to give everybody some inspiration we are posting our efforts. This lantern is simple, but requires some drying time, so you can’t wait till the last minute….

You need:

  • Tissue paper in your favourite colours
  • Balloon
  • Glue mixed with water
  • a cup to keep the balloon up
  • Hole punch
  • Thread
  • Stick

Blow up the balloon and place it on the cup. Mix some pva glue with water. Tear the tissue paper in lantern-#2-2pieces not too small not too big. Dip them in the glue mixture and stick them on the balloon. Make the pieces overlap each other. Cover half of the balloon this way 2 To 3 layers of tissue paper should give it enough strength and enough glow through quality. Then let it dry, as we in Queensland have the beautiful sunshine we can speed up the process by putting the balloon outside to dry, just make sure the wind does not take it.

When the glue has dried, make a small cut in the balloon with scissors. Take out the balloon. With the hole punch make holes in the basket that has been formed. Take some thread  and attach it to the holes, then hang it from the stick with a battery operated candle inside. Enjoy all the beautiful colours.lantern-#2-3


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