How 2 Create a Simple Lantern: #5

It is almost upon us the Chelmer-Graceville Lantern Fest at Faulkner Park. But you would still have time to make any of the lanterns I have lantern-#5-1described in the last couple of days or the one that we are sharing with you today. I have Always encouraged Ellen to look at and pick up beautiful nature; leaves, flowers, etc. To give our last lantern some Australian flair we are using these beautiful leaves and grasses in our last lantern.

  • leaves and grasses
  • sticky back plastic
  • coloured plastic
  • sticky tape
  • cardboard
  • hole punch
  • string
  • stick

Collect a selection of beautiful autumn leaves and grasses. Cut an lantern-#5-2approximately A4 piece of sticky back plastic. Remove the protective layer and place the sticky back plastic face up on your table. Working with little kids, I stick the corners down with sticky tape. Arrange the leaves and grass on the sticky back plastic however you want. The totally random arrangement is just as nice as the ordered one I think, which makes it fun for a 2-year-old as well. Take the coloured plastic and stick that on top of the sticky back plastic and the leaves. I had some coloured overhead sheets gifted to me that are perfect, but if you can’t find anything suitable you can just use another piece of sticky back plastic.

Cut a circle out of cardboard for the base and arrange the plastic around it. Fasten it all with sticky tape. In the top make some holes with a hole punch. attach string so you can hang your lantern from your stick. Light your lantern lantern-#5-3with a battery operated tea light.

We hope you all have a wonderful time at the Lantern festival. See you there!


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