2 Craft a Love Heart Mobile

love-heart-mobile-1For a project I want to participate in, about which I blog later this week, I had made a love heart. I knew that as soon as Ellen would spot it she would want it. As a result we went a bit love heart crazy this week in our craft projects. Quick and easy projects, but we have love hearts all over our house at the moment. To start of we made a love heart mobile out of paper. We used:

  • A4 Paper (from our recycle pile)
  • Decorative scissors
  • Felt tip pens
  • Thread
  • Sticky tape
  • Glue

In my craft boxes I found a couple of decorative scissors, that were very under used. As they seem a bit saver then normal scissors I have given them to mylove-heart-mobile-2 daughters, to great delight of my youngest who tries very hard to use them and succeeds just enough to keep her happy. For the mobile we used them very effectively I think.

Taking 2 pieces of A4 we folded those in half on top of each other, so we have 2 the same hearts. Then I told Ellen to cut the biggest love heart she could muster. I knew she could do this as we had cut single sheet love hearts for a couple of days already, all free hand. She did complain a little about the fact it was 2 sheets and it does make cutting a bit harder, but she managed. Then cut a smaller heart out of the big heart. She repeated this once more to have 4 different hearts, 2 big and 2 small.

She decorated them with felt tip pens. First elaborate, but wanting to speed up the process decided on swirls in red and pink. When all hearts were decorated we decided what order looked best for the mobile. We put the same hearts next to each other with the undecorated side up. She cut a length of string and attached it with sticky tape to the middle of the hearts.  Then she glued the partner heart on top to have 4 hearts hanging rom the one thread. It is now adorning her bedroom and another the playroom…love-heart-mobile-3


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