Mama Creates 2: Yarnheart

It is time for me to start telling you about more than the crafts I do with my daughters, because mama creates too. As I told you Ellen fell in love with a love heart I made for the project Yarnheart. Yarnheart 140801-yarnheart-2is a project organised by the Binky Collective and is part of the Darwin Festival. Yarnheart asks you to make a heart anyway you like and send it together with a “letter” about what it is you are grateful for in your community. With everything that is going on in the world I felt that it was a beautiful idea and next to that I have a lot to be grateful for.

As I love to work with fabrics and prints it was easy to decide what medium I would use to make my heart from, I would screen print a heart. Now for the design. I felt I had to somehow connect my adopted country with my country of origin. So I started to look at traditional Dutch decorations. The tulip stood out and thus I could start to sketch. The choice for the colour of the screen print was also quickly picked. Orange is the one and only Dutch colour. I made two prints that I later sew together with a140801-yarnheart-1 blanket stitch and stuffed lightly. The whole thing was finished of with a tassel and a ribbon on top to hang it from.

The heart is now on its way to Darwin and I must say I am quite proud of it. With it a note of some of the things that I am grateful for amongst which the most important ones my husband who lets me do what I enjoy most and my wonderful daughters who teach and inspire me.

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