2 Craft a Splatter Painting

underwaterworld-1The girls have taken to drinking chocolate milk. They love it, but they only get it as a reward. The reward often happens during grocery shopping time and exist of the pre mixed stuff in a cute drinking bottle. We have collected some of them for crafts and it was time to have some fun with them.

  • drinking bottle
  • poster paint
  • big piece of paper (we used part of a roll of disposable table-cloth)
  • water

Normally splatter paintings are made with spray bottles, but in our household they have the habit to break. As I saw the chocolate milk bottles I thought they underwaterworld-2might be a good and cheap replacement for the spray bottle. Moreover it would be a lot of fun trying it. I told the girls to put on their art smocks. I filled the cleaned chocolate milk bottles with a good squirt of paint and filled the rest with water. Then we rolled out the piece of paper table-cloth and secured it with some stones outside on the grass. After giving the bottles a good shake the girls got a hold of them. I might have been able to squirt one squirt on the canvas, but the rest was all theirs. We manage to do it twice. The sun-dried the canvasses. The next day we happened upon a very creative use for one of them, but I’ll explain that later this week….underwaterworld-3


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