Mama Creates 2: Re-usable Shoppingbags

revgab-shb-2One of my favourite shops in Brisbane is Reverse Garbage. At Reverse Garbage they sell industrial discards, all kinds of little and big bits and bobs the factory can’t use, but are great for arts and crafts. they inspire you to look different at materials.

Next to selling these bits and bobs, they organise a sale exhibit four times a year. Everybody that creates products made out of 2nd hand goods or goods that otherwise would end up in landfill is invited to participate. The materials I use for my products are either waist (plastic bottles, carboard tubes) or come from op-shops (sheets, pillowcases, pieces of fabric) so I thought I better participate.

As I felt it needed to be a product that supports the philosophy of Reverse Garbage I decided to make re-usable shoppingbags out of pillowcases. A tutorial about that later, here just some pictures and the invitation to come along to the opening if you are in Brisbane. 23 August from 6.30pm at Reverse Garbage 20 Bourke St. Woolloongabba.  Want to see the official invitation visit my Facebook site


4 thoughts on “Mama Creates 2: Re-usable Shoppingbags

  1. This is really cool. The fabrics are fantastic, and I like that it’s all reverse garbage. Good luck! I wish I lived closer to come check it all out. Looking forward to the tutorial 😄

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