2 Craft an Octopus

octopus-from-plastic-bag1The last time I wrote about crafting with Ellen we made splatter paintings and I promissed to tell you what we did with one of them, because what do you do with these huge paintings. Well one way we are using them is wrapping paper, but the one I want to tell you about happened by accident.

Ellen and I were sitting at the kitchen table, where we do most of our crafting, and were playing with the grey shopping bags that you get too many of at the supermarket. (I whish I always had my re-usable shopping bag with me, but I do forget it sometimes and then I am not the only one doing the shopping.)octopus-from-plastic-bag2 We were cutting strips and knotting them together, we scrunching them up and flattening them out, trying to find something to make. Then Ellen mentioned she wanted to make a puppet and what we ended up with was this octopus that ended up creating an underwater world in our backyard with the splatter painting as the ocean backdrop, toilet roll fish, starfish, rocks and coral. With friends sharing in the fun and making. We’ll share the octopus with you and leave you to create the rest of your underwater world yourself.

  • two plastic shopping bags
  • circle stickers
  • permanent marker
  • scissors

octopus-from-plastic-bag3Flatten one of the plastic shopping bags and cut of a little strip at the bottom and the handles at the top. Crumple up the other bag and place it in the middle of the cut up bag. Fold that bag around the crumpled up bag and tie the bottom strip just under the “head” that you created. Be careful not to make it too tight as the plastic strip will break. Stick two circles where you want the eyes to be and with a permanent marker put two dots in there for the pupils. Also draw a little mouth. Take the scissors and cut the bottom half into strips for the tentackles. Here is the one Ellen made; octopus-from-plastic-bag4


3 thoughts on “2 Craft an Octopus

  1. This is so cute. I really like how you crumple the bag pieces to stuff inside too. Reusable for sure. It reminds me of the little ghosts we make at Halloween to hang from our trees.

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