Mama Creates 2: T-shirt Present and More

aug-14-snake-t-shirt-(2)-sThe great thing of having learnt to screen print is that you can make a quick original present by printing on a t-shirt. I always find it hard to buy presents for kids for example, they generally have a lot of toys, I know mine do. So I try to find out what they really like and make a screen print design for it. aug-14-snake-t-shirt-(1)

The 5-year-old boy next door is fascinated by snakes. In the relatively short time he has been living in Australia, he has been very lucky, in the sence that he has seen several innocent snakes already.It was clear that for his birthday I had to design a snake, so I did and printed it with 3 colours next to each other.

But just printing one t-shirt after drawing a design and cutting a stencil seems such a shame. I printed a bunch more on some left over cotton bought at a garage sale. It didn’t take me long to come up with what I would make out of these prints. I have been aug-14-cutting-backpack-smaking rucksacks for my Etsy store and this design suits them perfectly. So, I am cutting them now and they’ll be up soon. In the meantime have a look at my other rusksacks at Renate and the Ant House.


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