2 Craft For Dad

fathers-day-t-shirt1Finally we are back! Thank you husband for taking care of this piece of equipment that in my mind just needs to work, but of course has its own mind as well. As a tribute to you our Fathers day post that should have gone up the week the computer decided to quit.

In Australia Fathers day is celebrated in September, which is quite different from the rest of the world that I am familiar with. Other then that it is the same. Children celebrate the awesomeness of their fathers and in the eyes of my daughters their father is great. They had no problem making the following present for him; a white t-shirt with a beautiful drawing by them. As my husband likes cats a lot Ellen’s subject was easily chosen. The younger provided the ground they stood on as she wanted to make a contribution as well.fathers-day-t-shirt2

  • white t-shirt
  • fabric pens

There was a lot of excitement about the fact that it would be Fathers day soon. So I had to really calm the girls down and explain that they could draw on the t-shirt in turn. We made sure that we had a flat surface. All the pens were out of the box. Ellen got the top half of the t-shirt and started very concentrated on her cats. She complained a bit about the fabric moving while she was drawing, but other then that. After the drawing was complete I ironed in the drawing according to instructions.

fathers-day-t-shirt3The present was wrapped in squirty painting wrapping paper also made by the girls. No need to say that when come Fathers day, dad put on the t-shirt straight away.


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