2 Craft With Home Made Brushes

It is hard to entertain a 2-year-old one armed bandit. Especially when she has a very creative always whome-made-brushes1anting to make big sister named Ellen. The best way is painting, but painting the same way every time gets boring too. So I keep my eyes open for alternatives and have seen brushes made out of all kinds of different materials like sponges and other cleaning rags. As somebody that hordes all kinds of materials for crafting I was wondering if I could make these brushes at home.

  • bamboo sticks
  • sponges, rags, plastics, cotton and other materials you can think of to turn into a brush
  • cotton
  • glue gun
  • big piece of paper
  • poster paintshome-made-brushes2

We had the garden bamboo sticks made into pieces that would be nice to hold for toddlers. Then I picked several different materials that I thought might make nice brushes. They ranged from bubble wrap, to surgical gloves, to ordinary sponges. I cut them up in strips. The strips are laid out next to each other on top of a piece of cotton string. At the bottom a line of glue from the glue gun is deposited and the bamboo stick is placed in the middle. Then with the help of the cotton string wrap all the strips around the bamboo stick and secure with knots and a bit of glue. This should now look like a brush.

home-made-brushes3The big brushes ask for a big piece of paper. I use a roll of paper table cloth on these occasions. Paints go in a couple of bowls and then the experimenting can start. And another beautiful piece of wrapping paper has been created.


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