2 Craft: Finger Knitting

finger-knitting1My daughter has taken to finger knitting as a duck to water. A week ago there was nothing but the idea of knitting. Now she has moved from one finger to a whole hand, setting up and finishing all by herself.

I believe Ellen herself asked about finger knitting and I thought I will first teach her to knit with one finger. That was done in a morning. Then I looked up how to finger knit with more fingers as a friend recently posted on Facebook. After showing this to Ellen it might have taken her one or two tries and of she went. Whenever she has a couple of minutes and there is wool available, her little fingers are busy.finger-knitting2

The video is of her setting up the work and starting it, while watching some tv. Because she is working nice and slow I thought it would be a good instructional video. Enjoy.

The video will have to wait as it requires a bit more research as to how to best upload it (tips welcome) and it is time for bed.


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