Mama creates 2: Airplane Pillows

141008-airplane-pillows2Over the long weekend we managed to improve our kitchen one shelf at the time. And just that little change gave my brain a whole new strain of inspiration, but I have told myself to hold of on all these new ideas and first finish some of the projects that are still lying around or at least use the prints that have been printed and make something of them.141008-airplane-pillows3

One of the prints I worked with today was the airplane I designed for a boys birthday. After printing the t-shirt I continued printing on cotton. I love how the colours run into each other and thought they would make great cushions for any aviation inspired room. I was also looking for a new product for Etsy and Reverse Garbage. And I think I found it…..

The cushion is made from fabrics salvaged from jeans and 2nd hand stores. Let me know what you think…  141008-airplane-pillows-(1)


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